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Digital Advertising Platform to manage your clients Advertising campaigns for Mauritian audiences, through a Local Network of websites and online content. Get full and real-time control over campaigns and budgets while maximizing the reach and results.

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Digitalgo Features

We have your expectations and requirements in mind!
Our platform and technology have been designed on Worldwide best-practices, and with the specificities of our local marketing landscape in mind. Reach out for a presentation.

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Manage your clients advertising

Create a Partner account and manage all your clients campaigns in 1 place. In real-time.

Modern solution dedicated to Mauritius

Thought for the Mauritian Marketing Professionals. With the International Best-Practices and Experiences. To Upscale your services on Mauritian audiences.

Benefit from our Partner’s Program

Based on a Tier system, receive direct commissions and additional perks on your total managed accounts budget. Generating additional revenue for your business.

In Private Beta

Get an early and exclusive access to our platform. Get free redeemable budgets. Help us shape the best solution for your needs.

How does it work ?

Our custom-built, programmatic advertising platform allows you to manage in real-time where your clients digital ads are shown to their targeted audiences across local websites in our Publisher’s Network.

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Monetization of Content in Mauritius

We browse through an enormous amount of free content every day on the Internet. The global average time spent browsing the internet on a smartphone is currently at 2 hours and 35 minutes and the vast majority of that content is free.

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Programmatic Advertising: a new media phenomenon explained

Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool for brands and companies, be it on the local Mauritian market or internationally. The possibility to program adverts is a leverage that businesses can use to find the right customers, at the right time.

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Overview of the Digital industry in Mauritius 2023

The digital industry in Mauritius is multifaceted. The evolution of Information Communications Technology infrastructure, and evolving cybersecurity protocols are the substrate on which this industry grows.

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