Your first Mauritian
Programmatic Advertising Network

Whether you are an Advertiser reaching out to your Mauritian audiences, a Publisher willing to monetize your website and content, or a Marketing professional managing your client’s advertising, Digitalgo’s offers you a web platform on international standards, and scaled for the Mauritian market.

Create and manage your Advertising campaigns for Mauritian audiences. Control your budgets and performances with real-time bidding and statistics. Set your audience filtering. Pay only for results.

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Join our Publisher’s Network, and monetize your website and content with Advertising revenues. We offer a Plug&Play solution, allowing you to focus on your core activity and lower your costs.

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As a Marketing Professional, join our Partner’s Program and manage your client’s advertising accounts. Create and manage your client’s campaigns in real-time to maximize performances.

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How does it work ?

Our custom-built, programmatic advertising platform connects advertiser’s digital ads to our network of Mauritian websites. It allows businesses and brands to reach their local audiences while generating advertising revenues for Mauritian digital entrepreneurs.